Oct 23

  • Seattle Jewish Community School reviewed by a parent

    Sending both of our kids to SJCS has been and still is one of the best decisions we have made as a family. SJCS has been, and continues to be, a warm, welcoming, academically outstanding and innovative K-5th grade school experience that has well served the different strengths and needs of each of my two children (one currently in 5th grade at SJCS, the other a recent SJCS grad). The school has also played a major role in helping my kids develop a wonderful sense of purpose, confidence, Jewish identity, compassion and commitment to improving the world around us. I highly recommend this school to families looking for a school that consistently delivers academic excellence, innovative curriculum, love of learning while at the same time helping develop empathic, compassionate kids!

    Seattle Jewish Community School (12351 8th Avenue Northeast) Published on GreatSchools October 22, 2017 Comment

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