Jan 25

  • The Valley School reviewed by a parent

    Valley has been a tremendous place for our two children. They are happy, safe, curious, playful, love to learn, and run into the gate every day thrilled to be there. They very successfully addressed concerns about math by adopting a wonderful and challenging new curriculum in the last two years. Valley does not do things "just because," they do things because they are the right choice for the whole child. No school is perfect, and Valley is no exception, but you will not find a more child-focused, warm, kind-hearted "village" out there. Valley is not focused on preparing children to excel in academics alone, it is focused on preparing children who are 21st century-ready with strengths in interpersonal communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, compassion, and conscience. Valley gets my vote every time.

    The Valley School (318 30th Avenue East) Published on GreatSchools January 24, 2018 Comment

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