May 25

  • Billings Middle School reviewed by a student

    For the sake of preserving this specific teacher's character I won't say their name, because they do still work at the school, but this staff member stood up in front of my whole class to give us "a lesson on how to deliver a speech well" in preparation for 8th grade graduation speeches. She proceeded to launch into a 20 minute rendition of MLK's "I have a Dream". This would have been fine if it wasn't for the way and manner in which she performed it. This person recited it in an incredibly stereotypical black man voice and mannerism. While it was extremely cringey and hard to watch, the biggest problem was that the 2 kids of color out of the grade of 30 people were pretty offended. Its just ironic and sad that this school prides themselves on diversity and acceptance when they pull stuff like this and never think that this could be offensive to some people and never apologize even though the offensive aspect of it was brought up to teachers. This was just a couple years ago and was in the midst of the schools sudden attempt to become "accepting of diversity". They talk a huge game about diversity considering almost everyone is white/very economically privileged.

    Billings Middle School (7217 Woodlawn Avenue Northeast) Published on GreatSchools May 24, 2018 Comment

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