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  • Whitman Middle School reviewed by a student

    Extremely low. Not only does Whitman have many incompetent teachers and staff members but is also a disguising place. Just Walking around the school, bathrooms have urine splattered on the floor, the library is tiny, and floor tiles are uneven at certain places. Education-wise, it seems that Whitman s only goal is to pass everyone as a whole rather than personalize the learning experience for its students. It does not adapt or in any way attempt to challenge high-achieving or gifted children. As a current student I find that Whitman s, quote, zero tolerance bullying policy is both inconsistent and not working. Whenever the Whitman staff feels like doing something, maybe the bully is given an infraction slip. When they don t, they are let off with a warning. Everyday I walk down the halls and witness both physical and mental violence. The Whitman environment is a horrible one. I feel both unsafe and uncomfortable whenever I near the Whitman building, as do many of my peers. It feels as though I am trapped in this world of bullying, over crowded classes, filthy conditions, and no teacher cares enough to help me out. Not only that, but I was recently warned, as a new student, that there is asbestos in the floor, and should not scrape it with my chair for it will release the toxic, cancerous gasses. I am counting down the days until I get to leave this abomination of a school.

    Whitman Middle School (9201 15 Av Nw) Published on GreatSchools January 27, 2018 Comment

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